To: Ram Mohan, Fajara Club

From: Oleg Reznik, GamMedia

  Dear Mr Ram, I receive your contact from Ms Veronica Sabin, and she advised me forward my offer to you. 

  A few words about me. I have been doing e-commerce and marketing for 10 years, and recently moved to the Gambia for permanent residence. My plan in the Gambia is to work with business representatives, to manage sales and marketing for many clients at one time.


  I have an annual subscription to the Fajara Club and I am your regular customer. Upon arrival in the Gambia, I met my tennis instructor and decided to develop a tennis school. I made this website in couple of days

Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 15.53.44.png

During this time, I agreed on the cost of the court with Veronica, and I got the idea to attract customers to the Fajara Club. I decided make you this proposal.


I offer you my candidacy for the position of Director of Sales and Marketing (partial job)

  Within 2-3 weeks I will create a nice web site for you, which you can use to promote Fajara Club services and invite customers to come. The website will includes all facilities you have in Fajara Club, and for every facility I will do tips to improve and monitor their implementation. 

  After new website will be completed and start operating, I will run Google and Facebook advertisements, and i will manage facebook page. We will have a meeting and decide about posts, answering to clients requests and other clients related communications on facebook. 

  At the same time I will teach your managers about online and offline sales, helping them create a new sales strategy based on many different offers for every group of potential customers.


   What do you get as a result?

  1. You will have a website prepared for online and offline sales in max 3 weeks.

  2. You will be professionally advertised on Google and Facebook in max 4 weeks.

  3. You will implement a modern system of sales, which will allow you to increase sales and save on costs in max 4 weeks.

  4. You will significantly improve the service for your customers and will be able to increase the prices of subscriptions in max 6 months.

  5. You will have "White" Sales and Marketing Director, and you can use me to improve the status of your company.

How much it will cost?

  1. My commission for the first month is D20,000. This includes new website developing I (I do it by myself), first month hosting, all expenses related with it and everything else listed above. Photos and video must be discussed.

  2. Facebook/Google/hosting advertisings marketing plan is D2,500/D3,000 per month is the additional cost from the beginning, original bills from Google and Facebook will be provided every month, you pay exactly the amount billed (I use my VISA card to pay, you pay me in cash).

  3. After first month, during next time, I can work for you as a Sales and Marketing Director for D5,000-D10,000 per month, depends on the amount of work that I need to do.

  4. Most of the time I will work remote, but 3-4 times per week I come for a meetings, and all the time I will be here to assist your sales. 

  5. In case of execution of all the points of our agreement, I warranty you additional sales of subscriptions in the amount of D50,000 / month starting from 60 days after new website will start operate or I work for free current month. 

  Feel free to contact me and of course we can meet once again and talk about all details.

  Best regards,

  Oleg Reznik

  Ph. +220 508 5252