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  • New page / booking platform for property,, and on which the online booking function will be activated and running correctly.

  • Working with photos, choosing the best photos from the point of view of a European client and deleting unsuccessful ones.

  • Introduction of online booking with availability calendar and with different room rates depending on date.

  • Preparation of the site for receiving credit cards and paypal online - booking and payment of the reservation directly by the client without correspondence.

  • One-time manual entry of all existing reservations to the calendar, for a full transition to the new system

  • Staff training to work with new platform, 1-2 hours training, individual / group sessions.

  • The possibility of advertising additional services, such as a restaurant, swimming pool, seminars, conferences, weddings and parties, as well as editing events on the site from any computer in the hotel.

  • Many other modern useful features that allow you to attract customers and earn extra or save.

  • Acceptance of online payments

  • Synchronization of the reservation calendar with aggregators (booking.com, expedia.com, agoda.com)

  • Training personnel to work with social networks - Facebook, to use social networks to attract different groups of customer.

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Development speed - starting from 2 days and responsibility. And we will make the site for free if we do not meet the deadlines due to our fault.

Business immersion in the specifics of your project - in the development process we become your team and can take maximum part in writing the content and, most importantly, in defining the goals of the project.