Stage 1 - The introduction of an elementary system of customer loyalty program.

The discount card will allow you to attract regular customers to return to the restaurant. Also, the mandatory filling of the questionnaire will allow the restaurant to obtain the necessary customer data for further targeting. 

Planned discount on the card - 10%. 

Planned cost of the card for the client - D100

System elements: 

1000 numbered cards

1000 discount card printed application forms

Google Drive Online database

Teaching staff the basics of marketing and working with online files.


1000 cards  = D15,000

1000 A5 white paper printed forms D1,000

Google Drive - Free. 

Total project costs: D16,000 


The planned sale of 1000 cards is D100,000 minus 15% for theft, loss, non-sale = D85,000.

Considering the investment of D16,000 the resale profit will be D69,000

Planned increase in sales from regular customers - 30%. 

A possible combination of a discount program with a loyalty program (order 9 pizzas - get the tenth one for free) can significantly improve the result, but it requires careful calculations and testing.


Given that customers in the Gambia do not have any discount cards, this service will be new to them, and should cause a boom in popularity. The program will provide great opportunities to manage the flow of customers, directing them to the restaurant at the right time and day.

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