Site format, not implying structure. All content on this site is placed on one page and scrolls up and down .. But, the obvious simplicity hides in itself an effective advertising tool.

Difference from LANDING - here we are involved in writing content.

Main advantages: 
Low cost and fast developmen
Ability to manage user attention
Effect the appearance of rich filling
Emotional adventure of the visitor

Stages of development

Texts, pictures


- Immersion in the specifics of the project and the requirements of the client

- Collection and analysis of information

- Writing content one-page site

Result: A concept with texts tailored to customer needs



- Analysis of the competitive environment

- Adjusting content for the page

- Development of the design concept of the page

- Design approval, full access transfer

Result: A concept with texts tailored to customer needs



- Homepage layout
- Installation of web analytics systems (Google Analytics, Yandex-Metric)
- Integration with ActiveCampaign
- Chat bot setup
- Testing (quality assurance)

Result: A concept with texts tailored to customer needs


Simple, intuitive design that matches your goals
Unlimited languages
Full page editing access, easy and convenient
Clear and functional mobile version
SSL certificate
Google SEO optimization
Storage on the server of all copies
Training, warranty and service

Development time: 2 - 5 days (depends on the availability of your materials)

Price: from D5000  

Compare with:

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