To: Mr. Buna, Senegambia Beach Hotel 

From: Oleg Reznik, GamMedia

  Dear Mr Buna, I spoke yesterday with Mr Marco, and we agreed I talk with you regarding commercial offer I have for Senegambia Beach Hotel. 

  A few words about me. I have been doing e-commerce and marketing for 10 years, and recently moved to the Gambia for permanent residence. My plan in the Gambia is to work with business representatives, to manage sales and marketing for few clients at one time, also, I continued to work on several European projects.

  I partially reviewed your situation in the e-commerce market and I want to offer you the following form of cooperation.


What do I offer?

I work for you without any additional payments at the time frames of 2 to 4 hours/day. Most of the rest of the time I also spend in the hotel, doing other online projects and at any time I can help the marketing / reservation team with various tasks.

What exactly I can do?

1. I can completely take over the development of a web page, I can do it myself, on the WIX platform with online booking, or I am ready to participate in the process leading the team of your developers. As a result, you will have the best hotel web site in the Gambia, with modern elements of marketing and online booking.

2. I can take over the management and maintenance of the hotel pages on facebook, instagram, twitter. I have extensive experience in digital marketing and a great experience of traveling around the world and visiting many other hotels.

3. I can participate in work with European and American tour operators, developing for them special offers to attract customers.

4. I can adjust the work and pricing strategy with aggregators such as booking, tripadvisor, expedia, amoma, nustay.

5. I can help implement various ideas for organizing hotel events to attract local customers during the Low Season period.

What do I ask from you?

I need a place to work with good wireless internet (office or cafe), double room with breakfast and the ability to use the pool, tennis court, gym. I'm talking about the Low Season time period, from June 1 to August 31, with the possibility of revising the conditions from September 1. During this period, your hotel is minimally loaded, and the cost of my request is not very significant for you.

In conclusion:

I know and understand that everything is slow in The Gambia, but this does not concern me. I work quickly and clearly, and the results of my work will be visible in a short time. I have my own personal equipment and software, and I’m ready to start improving all aspects of your hotel’s marketing from June 1 with the prospect of further cooperation.


Oleg Reznik

Ph. +220 508 5252